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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

What This EASTER Means to ME

WE WHO ARE MARGINALIZED: children, elderly, "sistahs", and the poor. We are mockingly managed because we don't fit the mold set by an egotistical standard. And...yet, among the above group some RISE to exhaled levels...because they refuse to wallow in self pity, give into the negativity or become victims. Instead they resurrect that which is True, Positive & Righteous. In order, to have a resurrection; there MUST be a crucifixion. And in order to have a crucifixion, we must have a martyr and a mob. In Biblical times it was Jesus(martyr) and the Scribes, Sadducee & Jews(the mob). In the 60s it was the Civial Rights Movement(martyr) verses the Establishment(mob). Today its Peace vs Prejudice. A martyr is cold heartily crucified in order to be made an example of by a mob. Treyvon Martin was made a martyr when he was hunted down and murder in cold blood, simply because his shooter, didn't want "them, to continue to get...". The hate that must have eternally burned in the Menace to Society's soul and made him a monstrous shooter. Now those that are linked to his dis-ease cover up for his insanity. Nevertheless; history is replete with examples of whatever, HATERS meant for EVIL turns out good. Like day breaking out of night, righteousness rise and brings with it a newly waken people. I may not wear a hoodie and I sure as hell wont buy Skittles and Arizona tea...aside for the fact that there are no nutritional value in either..those that produce/promote/profit from the stuff have yet to stand with the Martin family. What I will do is give MONEY (My Own Natural Energies Yields) to organizations like National Action Network. But there are sooo many other organizations that are doing good. Awaken Sleeping Giant Its Morning Time. Organization for your consideration:
  • http://nationalactionnetwork.net/about
  • http://http://www.fabgirl.org
  • http://www.overgroundrr.com
  • http://www.radkids.org/locator/index.php
  • http://keepgeorgiasafe.org/our-mission
  • http://www.facebook.com/fabgirlinc#!/pages/Drum-major-robert-D-champion/273247722732304
  • http://itsaboutme.net
  • http://www.lailaali.com/philanthropy
  • http://www.bigkidzfoundation.org/

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Woman's March

Its been a week into the month of March. The month of the woman. In a truly altruistic society women of every color creed and courage would be lionized. Simply because of the last two months headlines on and about women and their issues. But, as of yet, its been the same ole same in media-land...If the bar is to be raised ...its going to be up to me. What else is new.

Reflecting on one particular woman, mother, wife, sister and lady...No mommy, ....while you are a tribute to my sisters and my life...this time, I am referring to, "FLOTUS", Michelle Obama.

Like you, Mother, Mrs. Robinson, (Michelle's mother) has supported her children while allowing them to run their own marathon called life. Did you know Mrs. Robinson quit her banking job!...to make sure, stability remained in the Obama's life while campaigning for the Presidency, in '08? In so many ways, we women that identify with "FLOTUS", do because of the way she was raised, the labels she shattered and the benevolence she shows towards humanity. The First Lady of the United States, is a symbol of what America is- behind the greedy, jealous, egotistical media verbal abuse.

Therefore, as we march through this month being subjected to frivolous, selfish, & hyperbolic media tributes, I take time to pay tribute to a woman who lionize traditional core values. Mrs. Obama, initiated MOVE in order to promote a healthier America, nurture her beautiful daughters in traditional values and look like a queen as she stands by her man. (Whew! You go sistah)!

Whitney Houston (another woman who came from strong family values) has in her music catalog a video called Whatchulookinat? In the video, Ms. Houston uses her Gift to denounce backstabbers, insecurity & defamation. I like this video because in it Whitney is looking like a mature adult while the media is portrayed as silly little children. Like soooo many unsung sheos this video pays tribute to the loyalty of family, faith and friendship

You know, mommy, come to think of it...this blog is about you.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dear Whitney

J. Q. Public loved your incredible musical talent and rightfully remember YOU for songs like:
  • The National Anthem
  • The Greatest Love
  • I Will Always Love You....
BUT..I Will Always remember you for songs that express your loyalty to your faith, community and friends; encouraging persistence that says YES I CAN! & bold proclamations. The the following are just a sample...From the Just as I am Album:
  • Tell Me No
  • Try It On My Own
  • Unashamed(LUV IT)
  • Whatchulookinat? (pure Whitney)
In Just Whitney YOU wrote your own Epitaph! I call it my Black Woman"s Anthem(LOL)...Then, there is My Love is Your Love ..songs like:
  • It's Not Right But It's Okay
  • My Love Is Your Love
  • If You Believe
The lyrics are Soul Train classic! Furthermore, In the Don Cornelius tradition You are collaborating with people who would otherwise not have had their music produced....and that is why I LOVE. I Look To You ...While the "haters" were checking out your voice range, I was rocking with lyrics that encouraged my heart, mind and soul because I was going through it ...on EVERY LEVEL ...That particular CD was a God-send...My favorites
  • I Didn't Know My Own Strength
  • Like I Never Left (featuring Akon)
  • Worth It
The above songs will become classic among my family members because Like your video with CeCe Winnan Count On Me and Your charitable performance in South Africa (They showed you love)...You always brought it straight with no chaser...and that's what J. Q. Public didn't get about you. Gone in Body But YOUR SPIRIT LIVES ON...I will never give in. Sing Whitney.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Expand Your Circle of Care"

I am celebrating my birth! Actually, I do all the time; but especially around this time...my birth anniversary....This year, in particular, has been the BEST year of all. I am realizing a spirit of care in the world and among controversial people that I have admired from a far. Jada & Will, Smith, Queen Lateefah(sp); Hill Harper, The Judd Women, and Jay-Z, Tyler Perry and of course Oprah just to name a few...As long as I can remember I have wanted to live in a world where the prevailing spirit was that of peace, love and prosperity....I am experiencing peace love and prosperity on a personal level but more importantly I am witnessing peace love and prosperity among those who have the mic and a audience that I don't...yet(smile). While I am on the subject of controversial people I would be remiss to leave out the current American First Family,

President Obama is the right one for the job right now! Hill Harper reminded me of this while promoting his new book Wealth....In the interview with Constance Presley. He share how our President is always urging Americans to extend their circle of care to include more than "us four and no more". As a senior citizen this message has been my life long passion.
So, I would just like to share ways that WE(working effectively) can do exactly what is being asked and privately, demonstrated by soooo many people in and out of the news.
  • Share your gifts and talents by volunteer time in public schools
  • See God in EVERYONE
  • Be mindful of your words about people different from you and your inner circle
  • Start a blog and share your achievements
  • When brown bagging it; carry an extra fruit or salad with the intentions of giving it away
  • During times of natural disasters walk over to check on your neighbor
  • Stop eating alone
  • Constant remind your circle of influence that they are more than they may be settling for.
  • Call your mother...father...auntie..uncle...children
  • Read books of other people's journey and then share what you have read with someone else and then give them the book
This idea is not new and the list is inexhaustible; nevertheless, reminding US(unifying spirits) to do, what we know to do, is as necessary as saying on a regular basis: good morning; thank you, and peace...